Wednesday, 18 July 2007 social networking

Delicious is a collection of favourites - yours and everyone else’s. To learn how to use it view this video and or listen to my comments about it. Each of these files are about 6 MEG, so wait! And here is a much smaller file with almost the same information but without sound - click the slides to move forward.

Cuts down on online clutter to deliver more relevant bits of information.
Makes it easier to find desired information again.
Allows users to make their list of tags and sites available to (and searchable by) either a closed community of individuals or all other web surfers.

Storing links that might be lost to time, scattered across different browser bookmark settings, or distributed in emails, printouts, and Web links.
Tagging can offer new perspectives on one’s research, as clusters of tags reveal patterns (or absences) not immediately visible by examining one of several URLs.
Finding people with related interests can magnify one’s work by learning from others or by leading to new collaborations.
Creating multi-authored bookmark pages can be useful for team projects, as each member can upload resources discovered, no matter their location or timing. Tagging can then surface individual perspectives within the collective.

Get information to students on different topics and have students subscribe to RSS feed. Organize resources for courses and subjects they teach, which is useful if a teacher teaches more than one class or subject. Create accounts for workgroups or entire classes with each student in the group having the password to the account so he or she can add bookmarks.

Can be seen as a rejection of the search engine status quo in favour of tools that are both created by the community and beneficial to the community.
Traditional publishing made evaluation of material simple – was done by ‘authorities’. With new democratic format. Which is better – collective voice of public or of expert academic?
Need tagging standards so there can be real sharing but benefit of tagging is that colloquial or community meaning can be attributed to tags.

My students will learn to use as their bookmarks are not kept in their profiles on a network! They work at home and school and need their bookmarks! They need to collaborate to work effectively.


Paul Kawachi said...

Dear Pam,

What an excellent aand useful video introduction on how to use I also liked the separate comments mp3 you provided. I tend to agree with your other neighbor who said they were reluctant to share their personal bookmarks with the world. Teachers have for years kept literature references on 10x15cm cards in bundles, with each having their handwritten summaries. The generation before me did this, while carrying a box around with me seemed a bit annoying - I prefer an A4-size zipped attache case/folder, so I have my URLs as I said on paper. Even I am still a bit reluctant to put my stuff onto the web freely and fully. I need to write and publish a paper next year, for example - so why should I give away all my lit refs to others before I get published ? After getting published, everyone can see my lit refs and URLs at the end of the Paper or book. whether it is online or offline. Hence I think Del.iciu.oos will be effective in moderation for social purposes for example your own class, or small group.
I would also question why you would consider your Network to be informed and a good provider of bookmarks, because they may be out-of-date, and you need google to catch the latest news for example the conference papers to be presented in August 2007 are up online !! through google, but not on is like an online yellow pages localised to a small special interest group. I am cautious, but nevertheless will add to my new website. Synching bookmarks between home and office is a good key point, but your students surely, and I do too, work offline mainly for learning. The internet is used for searching and interacting, but I believe learning happens outside of these interactions and offline. I keep an e-library of pdf and docs I need according to topic/subject on DVD, for my anywhere studying and writing - in the mountains away from a phone line and internet connection.
ummm this comment may be too long, sorry.

All Best Wishes

Bessie said...

Hello Pam:
I loved the practical information on, an application that I now think I should use for its utility. The video and the text both illuminated key elements of this application. I also read Paul's comments about privacy and timeliness of bookmarks...very insightful.

Martie said...

Your I really enjoyed your video. (I can't believe your students were bored with it - different generations I guess!)

I will begin to use myself so I can have my favorite links anywhere. I used to show teachers how use - it is also very easy to use, similar but different...


Sandra Doran said...


I like the way that you were able to put Paul on your podcast. Did you do this with the call feature on Google Talk?

Good job as always.


dr becky said...

I loved both your video and podcast and learning about It's definitely a tool woth exploring. Thanks for your good work in sharing this with us.

Maggie Verster said...

Hi Pam , Paul and those who have gone before me..

Firstly Paul, just to touch on your 1st point of your lit review...I have found that by sharing my "lit refs" I have often had "those that I can learn from", add to my bookmarks and therefore enriched my paper...

Your second point of "informed + staying up to date": By trailing those that are part of my network, I actually manage to stay up to date with stuff that has already been "peer reviewed" for my interest. The trick is to add people to your network that you know are dedicated to your interest or experts. Google just spit stuff at me- jik!!!LOL

Also, you can export and sync between your browser and - so you still have it on your computer.

You can also post pages to others in your bookmark, so therefore, if you set it up for your class, they can each network to one another and you can even post to them-COOL

OOPs to long as well......